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Global Practice Manager, Principal

Olga L. Acosta

Olga L. Acosta has polished a people-first leadership philosophy over the course of her well-accomplished, 30-year career in the business behind design. In an environment that requires graceful fluidity, Olga cultivates an atmosphere where curiosity and creativity can flourish.


As Global Practice Manager and Founding Partner of ROAM Interior Design, a newly established hospitality interior design firm, Olga delivers tailored and diverse solutions that are strategically oriented across the board. Olga’s strength lies in enriching business tactics and practice management that embody a historical dedication to excellence in design. With a deeply rooted desire to explore, appreciate, and understand different cultures, Olga inspires her team to lead with innovative and imaginative approaches that result in timeless, one-of-a-kind projects.

Olga is an advisor, a mentor, and a guide dedicated to fostering a culture of passionate creators. She is committed to upholding the fundamental values of ROAM, the caliber of their design, and their endless pursuit of global partnerships that result in enduring relationships.