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Let your mind Roam

We are a global hospitality interior design studio of bold innovators and artisans who craft extraordinary experiences that become inspiring stories to be shared.

We design the destinations that
create the desire to ROAM

The Story of Roam

Who we are

The story of ROAM is about discovery. It’s about journeys. It’s about place. It’s about curiosity, exploration and all the amazing adventures, large and small, that happen along the way. It’s an openness to new thoughts and experiences which spark the creativity within. It’s about unconventional solutions. It’s the symbiotic relationship between inspiration and design, and the collective memories and artifacts that resonate.

It elicits a sense of luxury that occurs in the absence of timeline and singular purpose. It allows you to lose yourself in a moment and create. Exciting and intriguing things emerge when we let the mind....ROAM.

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Our Expertise

What Makes Us Unique

ROAM is a beautiful balance of artistry and experience. Our unique storytelling design approach creates a sense of curiosity, mystery and intrigue for guests that unfolds in layers of sensory experiences, while our vast knowledge of hospitality logistics, strategy and operations adds efficiency and competence for owner and architectural partners.


We are a global team of world-class designers, visual artists, architects, advisory, project managers and creatives who collaborate and orchestrate design across a multitude of disciplines.

Interior Design
Project Strategy
Interior Master Planning
Interior Architecture
FF&E Specialists
Branding Design
Product Design
Creative Curation
Art & Accessory Curation
F&B Concepting
Sustainable Design
Well-being Design

Explore our portfolio

  • The Lakehouse Bar at W Bellevue Bellevue, Washington, USA
  • Pin-up board, W Bellevue Bellevue, Washington, USA

Our Values


As the name “ROAM” suggests, we are ambassadors of the path untraveled. An open mind filled with curiosity leads us to consider alternates and options outside the bounds of convention. Through exploration we seek to be constantly inspired.


We believe that creativity can come from anywhere and we challenge ourselves to reach beyond boundaries, for the most forward thinking and unique solutions. Impactful design results from unexpected ideas derived from an open mind free from preconceived notions.


Every aspect of the design should be informed by the overarching narrative in order to create a layered multi-faceted immersive and sensory driven experience.


We listen with empathy. We design for the end-user, the guests, because we are guests ourselves. We imagine ourselves in the experience in order to understand the emotional connection of the guests to the spaces we create.